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My Purpose

To enhance the natural beauty, colors and grains of wood to become a unique culinary board where no two are ever alike and our customers have something that is of heirloom quality.

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Allowing  Nature to Shine


The wood is sustainably sourced from sawmills that only take trees that need to come down.  I spend endless hours digging through slabs and lumber looking for that extraordinary piece of wood that is just waiting for an artisan's touch: A slab with multiple  grain patterns. A piece with twists and bends. Wood where the Ambrosia beetle has left its distinctive tunnels and markings. Nature is what gives these pieces their unique attributes.

 I allow nature to shine.

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Design and Fabrication

Once the wood is sufficiently cured I then sort woods by color, patterns, grain and shape.  Nature dictates the design and lets the wood speak to me. Pieces are fabricated. Then the finish work begins. Every piece is sanded at least six times to produce a mirror like finish.  They are then immersed in 100% food grade mineral oil for eight hours, air dried for 48 hours and sealed with a special organic beeswax.

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I sell my boards at Art and Craft shows in the Midwest.   I also have partners that carry these products in their stores.  For a list of shows and partners see the tab "Where to Buy".

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Paul Charles

I have always loved creating things with my hands. When I first retired I decided to learn about the culinary arts. After a time, I began trying to find a way to do more. It was then that I decided to see if I could marry my love of cooking with my passion for woodworking.  The results were  "Designer Boards 4U". Over the past years I have traveled to Art and Craft shows across the midwest where I have met people who share my passion for unique products that are functional and may be seen by some as works of art. I've enjoyed meeting each and everyone of them and I look forward to seeing you at one of my shows. -- Paul Charles

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If you would like more information or perhaps a custom made product, please contact me.  I will work with you to create that special board or tray, a one-of-a kind coffee table or perhaps a unique bench for you to enjoy.

(440) 941-6984

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